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We, Shri Shimavahini Chit Funds (P) LTD are the pioneers in introducing the concept of Fraction chit in India
A fraction chit is an unique type of chit funds where the value of the chit is divided into fractions, each representing a different monetary value. Subscribers can buy any number of fractions they want, and at the end of each period of the chit cycle or during any chit auction, the participant holding that fraction receives the prize amount. The amount that a participant receives at the auction is proportional to the number of fractions they hold. Fraction chits are often used by those who do not need the full value of the chit but would like to participate in the chit funds for a smaller amount.
Example of fraction chit:

                       In a Standard 10 Lakhs Chit group, There are 25 Tickets of 10 Lakhs Value. However, in a Fraction chit Method, Those 25 tickets will be divided and given to various subscribers with different chit values of which the total accumulating to 10 Lakh Rupees (‘A’ can subscribe in a 5 Lakhs chit amount, ‘B’ can subscribe to 3 Lakhs and ‘C’ can hold 2 Lakhs totaling to 10 Lakhs)