Pollachi HO

Shri Shimavahini Chit Funds Private Limited

Social Services

Acts of charity made by the company

Embark on a financial journey with us, and together we can make a difference in the lives of those in need

Tailoring Machines for Poor

We provide Tailoring Machines to the poor people and Handicap people for making it as a source for livelihood.

Blankets for the Homeless

We provide heavy blankets for many homeless people in the winter months.

Helped a Medical student to achieve her dream

We Have helped a Economically backward student to achieve her dream of becoming a Doctor.

Setting up free Eye care Camp

We set up free eye care camps for the poor people.

Dinning Hall Donation

We have assisted in building the Dining hall for the Soundamman Kovil

Artificial Legs for the Handicapped

We have helped over 15 handicapped people in getting a Artificial mechanical legs.