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We, Shri Shimavahini Chit Funds Pvt Ltd in Pollachi, Tamil Nadu have gained expertise in the financial field and solid operational excellence ever since its incorporation. Built on mutual trust and respect, we value the relationships fostered with our customers and endeavor to make each relationship fulfilling and enriching. All our Chit groups are registered with Tamilnadu State Government and regulated by Central and State Governments and Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Since 1934 our concern built on mutual trust at  Shimavahini Chit Funds, we offer a range of chit-fund options to suit the needs of our customers..



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Why to Shri Shimavahini Chit Funds

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Fraction Auctions

Subscribers can also bid for the auction in fractions of their total chit value. For example, 'A' had registered for 10 Lakhs chit Amount, but he wants only 6 Lakhs in between out of that. In this case, 'A' can take 6 lakhs in one auction and remaining in the subsequent auctions

Total Transparency

Careful screening of applicants to maintain quality, and complete transparency in all our activities including auction procedures.


Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) have the opportunity to receive an extra 1% bonus in addition to the guaranteed 9%, offering superior returns compared to banks and a more secure investment option.

Flexibility in the value of chit amount

Customers can select and subscribe to chit schemes according to their monthly payment provisions. We have 100 Chit Schemes with Monthly installments ranging from 4,000 to 1,00,000 rupees.

Safe Investment

As a Registered Chit funds company, We must comply with government regulations for the safety of the chit subscribers. With total control of investor protection, this trust has grown and strengthened over 88 years.

Acts of charity made by the company

Embark on a financial journey with us, and together we make a difference in the lives of those in need​

Tailoring Machines for Poor

We provide Tailoring Machines to the poor people and Handicap people for making it as a source for livelihood.

Blankets for the Homeless

We provide heavy blankets for many homeless people in the winter months.

Helped a Medical student to achieve her dream

We Have helped a Economically backward student to achieve her dream of becoming a Doctor.

Features Of Our Chit Funds

Trust, Transparency, and Growth

Flexible In Auctions

The Chit Subscribers can auction any amount they want from their respective Chit Value.

Quicker Chit Payment

The Chit Payment will be paid within 10 days from the Chit Auction.

Higher Returns

We are guaranteeing a total return of a Minimum of 9% in our chit groups

Government Registered Certified Chit Funds Company

We are Governed by Central Chit Funds act and are regulated by State Government.

Fraction Chit​

We, Shri Shimavahini Chit Funds (P) LTD are the pioneers in introducing the concept of Fraction chit in India
A fraction chit is an unique type of chit fund where the value of the chit is divided into fractions, each representing a different monetary value. Subscribers can buy any number of fractions they want, and at the end of each period of the chit cycle or during any chit auction, the participant holding that fraction receives the prize amount. The amount that a participant receives at the auction is proportional to the number of fractions they hold. Fraction chits are often used by those who do not need the full value of the chit but would like to participate in the chit funds for a smaller amount.


What Our Clients Say About Us

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Shri Shimavahini Chit Funds Private Limited has been my reliable financial partner for years. Their transparency, prompt service, and excellent returns have exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended!
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Joining Shri Shimavahini Chit Funds Private Limited was a game-changer for me. Their fraction auctions and transparent processes made managing finances stress-free. Grateful for the valuable experience!
Raj Sekar
Raj Sekar
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I'm impressed with Shri Shimavahini Chit Funds Private Limited flexibility and personalized approach. They helped me achieve my financial goals with ease. Trustworthy and professional – a top-notch platform.